Great Lakes Eternal™

The Official Clothing Line Of The Rustbelt™


Welcome to the official website of Great Lakes Eternal™, the hottest new clothing line coming out of the Rustbelt. We are dedicated to creating quality clothing that inspires confidence and has a positive message. We welcome you, and encourage you to explore the website.

About Us

Great Lakes Eternal™ is a clothing line dedicated to the uplifting of the entire Great Lakes region. For decades we have seen our communities ravaged by a lack of employment and subsequent high crime rates. Our entire region as a whole has been forgotten by the country, and our communities have been neglected for many years. The mission of this clothing line is to provide the consumer with a garment that will inspire confidence in the region they call home.

In addition to our industries being forgotten by the rest of the country, we are also not taken seriously when it comes to fashion. The Rustbelt has never been considered a major fashion destination, or taken seriously in this regard.

The mission of this clothing line is to provide the consumer in the Great Lakes region with a product that will inspire confidence in the region they call home, while at the same time creating a product that will speak to the street culture of the entire country so that people from all regions will find it relevant.

Current Apparel Offered

At this stage of development our product line exclusively features T – Shirts. All the shirts are 100% preshrunk cotton. Future product plans include hooded sweatshirts, hats, jeans, jackets, and watches.

About Our Logo

Our logo is an incorporation of all of the things that put the Rustbelt on the map. The pistons and wheel represent the auto industry, and the steel beams represent our steel industry.

Commitment To Community

Great Lakes Eternal LLC™ is a company that is proud to carry a positive and uplifting message. That's why you have our firm commitment to never display violent or indecent images on our clothing. We will not contribute to our downfall by producing clothing that advocates violence. More and more often it seems like urban fashion has become a race to the bottom. Great Lakes Eternal™ will not participate in that downward spiral.



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